Headed to Coachella? Forget the Flower Crowns

April 13, 2017

If you are headed to one of the largest musical festivals around, then ditch the flower crown of years past and grab your best graphic T and funky back-side embroidered bottoms. The ‘Peace, Love, and Happiness’ vibe is still a must have, but remember the flower power child style is all about mixing grungy with designer hippy. Your 2017 concert wardrobe should be that of the 90’s and the 70’s had a beautifully unique baby. So grab a Tupac, Biggie, Disney Princess or Nirvana T, slap some LOVE, unicorn, and alien embroidery patches on your denim shorts and maybe, if you are feeling extra fun, add some loose crochet on the side of your shorts for some peek-a-boo skin action, and don’t forget your High-Top shoes and colorful, metallic face and eye makeup! Now you’re Coachella weekend 1 ready.

Photo from Officially Quigley 



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